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Issue #1 : Spring–Summer 2023

Meet Picus Maximus

Cactus Jim Soldi Rick Lizard Sparhawk

"Cactus" Jim Soldi: The list of artists that Jim Soldi has played with is a Who's Who of country music. It includes Johnny Cash (four years), Ricky Skaggs (two years), Johnny Paycheck, Waylon Jennings, Skip Ewing, and even Brooke Shields. When he’s not busy touring, Jim produces music at the Out House Recording Studios in Ramona, California. So if you want to find out why Johnny Cash said: "Jim Soldi is the best guitar player in the business" hear for yourself.

Rick "Lizard" Sparhawk: As founding member of the '70s bionic-bluegrass group, Montezuma's Revenge, this singer/songwriter has played the prestigious old-school venues like the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, the Palomino Club in West Hollywood, the Ice House in Pasadena—and other noteworthy events like the Calgary Stampede, Newport Pop Festival, and Grammy Awards.


Picus Maximus—The most interesting band in the world:

  • At concerts they know all the groupies—by name
  • Their personalities are so magnetic, compasses spin relentlessly
  • If they were to play a song without making a sound, you would still love it
  • Even when they play a gig across town, they are the life of the party at the other clubs
  • When Joshua toppled the Walls of Jericho, he was listening to their music
  • They invented the minor chord just for the Hell of it
  • They are so intimidating, the paparazzi always politely ask first for a picture



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