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We provide an innovative medium for aspiring musicians to skillfully promote their work by coupling exceptional visual storyboarding with their songs.
TuneToons tm

The amalgamation of storytelling song lyrics with storytelling illustrations.
A bold new way to market your music.

TuneToons™ are illustrations that connect your eyes with your ears, bringing more life into the songs you are listening to.

Old-school album jackets offered a conceptual illustration which gave the purchaser more insight and depth into what they were about to listen to—often depicting a picture of the musicians themselves, or a colorful artist's rendering connected to the album’s content. TuneToons™ amplifies this visual connection with rich graphic content relating to each song's message.

Within each issue of The Music Stand we feature the winning artist's work as an audio/graphic novel of their music.

This format allows a person to thumb through the magazine’s illustrations as each song plays. A simple QR code scan brings the music to them song-by-song through their phone / earbuds / Bluetooth device. The artwork helps the listener form a deeper emotional connection to the music.


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