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We provide an innovative medium for aspiring musicians to skillfully promote their work by coupling exceptional visual storyboarding with their songs.
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Our mission is to promote, encourage, and provide an alternate medium for aspiring musicians. If you’re looking for an innovative way to promote your art, our TuneToons™ graphic novels may be the key to your getting noticed. The Music Stand is published and marketed to introduce visual and musical talent to the world which we consider exceptional.

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The amalgamation of storytelling song lyrics with storytelling illustrations.
A bold new way to market your music.

TuneToons™ are illustrations that connect your eyes with your ears, bringing more life into the songs you are listening to.

VISUAL ARTIST – Larry Nadolsky

Larry Nadolsky — VISUAL ARTIST

Larry hails from Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, Canada. Starting in the mid ‘80s, he has drawn dozens of comics for various publishers. His first notable project was Hey Boss!, an unauthorized parody of Bruce Springsteen that drew national media attention. This led to drawing his first rock ‘n’ roll illustrations for Revolutionary ComicsGuns N’ Roses—which has been reprinted numerous times, selling in the hundreds of thousands. He continues to draw comics about rock bands, sports figures, horror, superheroes, and erotica. His character, Race Yukon of the R.G.M.P., appeared several times in Heavy Metal magazine, and Stan Back has appeared in Sound Waves music magazine for many years.

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